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Tuition: Regular Student $150 /per module — includes: 1 hour class, instructor’s mentoring, 24/7 help through email and homework corrections. *during the “Thank You Week”, it is only $97.50 per module; for a complete reading: $98; And for a Feng Shui evaluation and treatments – only $298 ~ $598.

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  1. Special “Thank You Week” from 8/19 ~ 8/25 – 35% Off on Tuition, and on any Services (reading, Feng Shui evaluation and treatments);
  2. Buy the course material at the lowest fee: only $35 / per module;        
  3. Choose a Short Course to enrich your knowledge, as well as to help your clients more;
  4. If you have learnt some contents elsewhere before, Dr. Yan will adjust your curriculum, it will save you a lot!  Don’t miss this  “Thank You Week” – it saves you $,$$$ on tuition!  

1. BaZi Foundation Course (30 modules)

2. BaZi Professional Course (48 modules)


   The Short Courses:
   1. BaZi on Health – (20 modules)
   2. BaZi on Relationships – (20 modules)
3. BaZi Classics and Proverbs – (20 modules): essence from Di Tian Shui, Qiong Tong Bao Jian and Zi Ping Zen Quan, plus ways to find the benevolent gods and ghosts, and interpret their meanings with demonstrations. 
   4. Essential Feng Shui Course – (23 modules), including:
Two Popular Feng Shui Schools and Personalized Approaches
   5. Combine BaZi Analysis with Feng Shui Remedies – (23 modules) selected modules from both the Foundation and the Professional Courses

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