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About BaZi Astrology –

BaZi Astrology (also called Four Pillars of Destiny) is a profound metaphysical system. It absorbs the wisdom from the Chinese ancestors throughout the past 5,000 years. BaZi principles have been proven by many scholars and researchers over hundreds of thousand of peoples’ lives.  Dr. Yan has been teaching Professional BaZi and Feng Shui Courses since 2002. He encourages active and interactive learning. He offers a variety of choices of online study programs, including internet (email), or phone + screen share, or both. Your online teacher is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

We provide Ways for you to SAVE – simply ask after emailing, or talking to Dr. Paul by calling (703)-798-3213. 

  • We provide one-on-one phone classes, homework check and deep-level explanations.
  • The teacher is available 24/7 to answer your questions.   Submit homework after each module for checking is the way to move forward.
  • Save Big on the Short Courses: we offer regular phone classes on: BaZi on Health, BaZi on Relationships and Practical Feng Shui Course. They are short, yet effective! The quality is guaranteed by a master-level teacher! They are great for all kinds of holistic healers to enrich themselves. Everyone can improve the life by using the “secrets” revealed in those modules!
  • Want to buy the material only? That’s the lowest cost – only $35/each module.
  • PLUS FREE 2019 Feng Shui Report ($295 value) to the new students who join any courses!  

All the cases used for demonstrations in the courses are real life cases!  


About The Instructor –

Dr. Paul Yan was born and raised up in China. He has a bachelor of science and a doctorate degree in holistic healing in the USA. He is a registered naturopathic doctor since 1999, and he is also a Feng Shui and BaZi specialist for more than 30 years. Using over 50 years’ experience and in-depth research, he has built a practical system that works effectively for students all over the world. The students don’t have to pay for any travel and hotel costs, just stay at their homes and learn.

He has lectured at many major events, such as: The Summit of the Masters 2000 in New Mexico; delivered classes in VA, MD and San Francisco, CA, and was on TV (Maryland and Virginia). He is the author of The Best Feng Shui Alignment (published in 2002, now out of print; Dr. Yan can make copies on the important pages for the students upon request. Dr. Yan shares all the “secrets” of reading with all the students. And, the best part is: you don’t have to study what you’ve learned before, just order the modules you want!

Quality is our first concern!

Compare what the other schools, we have: 

One-on-one private live classes with phone and screen share;

Homework for the students after each module with careful corrections;

Free reading for students’ family/friends/even clients;

Learning speed controlled by students;

Small payments are OK;

> 200 real life cases for practice!

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Certifications will be issued to those who have finished the Course completely. 

Email to: dryan8889@yahoo.com for any questions.  

Dr. Paul Yan

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