Questions and Concerns

Q: “I am 60 years old. Will I be able to finish this course within a year or two? And what can I do upon completion of it?”

A: “Yes, you will. As long as you are healthy, and are willing to spend 3  hours per week. On average, students spend 1 hour for the preview, 1 hour for the class, and 1 hour to do homework and to memorize the principles in one module. Upon completion, you will be able to forecast one’s future by perceiving through this “mystical ball” – the BaZi chart, and answer all kinds of questions. Such as: “which career will fit him/her idealistically; what kind of a relationship will be expected; and what are the potential problems that will occur in life? And what can I do to reduce the harm? ….”

Q: “I don’t have a stable income now. How do I handle the course?”

A: “You may make installments.  Or, to choose a Special Short Course (such as: BaZi on Health or on Relationships). They are 20 modules each.  Another smart choice is: if you are active and want to save more, you can pick the correspondence course.  If you have any unclear parts, Dr. Yan will clear them for you by emails and through the homework checking. Check: Tuition and Discounts.”

Q: “Can I earn money as a BaZi consultant after completing this course?”

A: “Yes, this course is formatted with proven theories from the most authoritative literature and supported by many real life cases. So, the quality is guaranteed. You will be confident to read the fortune for people and make income, based on the correct way of thinking and the skills learned in classes.  Of course, an ongoing study and practice is always highly encouraged.”

Q: “I have learned and also practiced BaZi for more than 10 years, can I just take the modules I need?”

A: “Yes. This course is designed for all levels of students.  You can order any modules from the Table of Contents.  You may combine regular classes with the self-study to save big.  Ask how…..”

Q: “I live in London and would like to study with a mentor like you. But how does it work since we live far apart.”

A: ” There is a 5 hours time difference between London and Washington D.C. You may choose a specific one hour slot between 3 p.m. ~ 8 p.m. to be your class time (that’s London time, Washington time is 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.). Before each class, you will need a special code to join the meeting using www. The valid code will be sent to your mailbox 10 minutes before a class starts.  Then, the teacher will share his computer screen with you while talking to you over the phone. International students will be called by the instructor, so they don’t have to pay the long-distance.”


Q: “How do I know that your teaching style and the course fit me?”

A:”You may try one class first. And ask personal BaZi questions during the class to test the teacher’s reading skill.  Or, just let the instructor know what is the best way you would like to take. Many students usually record the words teacher said in classes for future listening. This is very helpful. And don’t forget to ask as many questions as possible. Student’s satisfaction and outstanding learning results is our #1 concern!”


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