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1. Regular cOURSE Tuition: $150 /per module — includes: 1 hour class over the phone and internet, instructor’s mentoring, 24/7 help through email and homework CHECKING & correction. Before 07/05, get 15% OFF – now only $127.50/each module.  

2. Discounts for the students who take the Correspondence Course, the Short Course, or Buy the Course Material, plus

3. Speed Competition: take additional $500 OFF on a regular course (30 modules or more), or $200 OFF on a short course (20 modules), if you are the first 3 who take actions quickly (starting 11:30 a.m. EST on 6/29)! See more savings below:

A. Take the Correspondence Course. Although without talking over the phone, you can still have your homework checked and questions answered, plus instructed by a master-level teacher through emails (same quality). In case of need, you can still order classes!  BEFORE 07/05 the fee is only $95/each module,comparing to the Regular Tuition which is $127.50/each module, with a $32.5 difference.

B. Start with a Short Course – Quick and Effective! Check the list below – they contain 12 ~ 20 modules respectively, pick BaZi (20) or Feng Shui (12); and then use the Regular or Correspondence Course rate to time the # of the modules. 

C. For those who have learned BaZi in the past, and want to make it up in certain areas and get certified – simply pass the test provided by YPFSI. The test fee is $150 for anyone of a Short Course, and $225 for the BaZi Foundation Course and $275 for the BaZi Professional Course.   

    • A FREE 2019 Feng Shui (regular value $295) Report to all new students before 07/05!    
  • A minimum order of 5 modules is required/each time when you order (no matter the regular classes or the correspondence course).


The Regular Courses:

1. BaZi Foundation Course (30 modules)

2. BaZi Professional Course (48 modules)


The Short Courses:

1. BaZi on Health – (20 modules)

2. BaZi on Relationships – (20 modules)

3. The Most Important BaZi Classics(20 modules): it explains the most importance sentences from Di Tian Shui, Qiong Tong Bao Jian and Zi Ping Zen Quan, plus ways to find the benevolent gods and ghosts, and interpret their meanings; many cases are used for demonstrations.

4. A Short, Effective Feng Shui Course – (12 modules), includes the important parts of the two Popular Feng Shui Schools: Form School and Flying Stars, plus the Personalized Approach – BaZi ways to turn home/business into a source of happiness/income/prosperity with “secrets” that invite good lucks!  Realtors, holistic healers, interior designers…… all welcome!


Other Saving:

Whole Life Reading – Regular $150.00/each, now $135.00

*New students don’t need to pay for the readings for themselves! 


The Next Step:

Email to: dryan8889@yahoo.com for an Enrollment Form, or simply place your order here (copy and paste it in the browser, type in the name of the course, multiply the number of modules you want, and pay by PayPal or any major credit card). Click, or copy and paste this link below in your browser –– https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6Z7487F2CCKD2 


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