BaZi Foundation Course – Table of Contents

The contents in this and the Professional Course are followed the important principles of the 3 must-read Chinese classical literature - Di Tian Sui(BaZi Secrets Revealed), Qiong Tong Bao Jian (BaZi A to Z) and Zhi Ping Zhen Quan(The Genuine Interpretations of ZiPing BaZi).

Module 1 – The History of BaZi, Yin-Yang Balance, and Five Elements
BaZi History, and an interesting story of a King in Qing Dynasty who met a BaZi astrologer. The Concept of Yin-Yang Balance in the Universe, Nourishing Cycle and Controlling Cycle of Five Elements, Mitigation, Ten Gods’ names, their relationships to the Day Master, plotting skill and much more.

Module 2 – Stems, Branches and Binomials, and the Plotting of a BaZi
The characteristics of each stem and branch; what’s a binomial? How to use free software to make comprehensive and accurate charts. The characteristics of 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches; introducing more balance concepts in BaZi – such as hot and cold, dry and dampness – their correlations to the success in life, as well as to the health conditions and life-threatening dangers one may have. Case Study

Module 3 – The Interactions among Stems and Branches
In stems: 5 pairs; and in branches: 6 pairs, 4 + 4 trios, 8 semi-trios, 6 clashes, 3 punishments + 4 self-punishments and Earth Quartet – their strict conditions to qualify for the energy transformation, and their energy impacts to the Day Master and other elements in BaZi; plus their significant meaning that can’t be neglected.  Many Samples for Study

Module 4 – Energies Impacts among Stems and Branches
6 Branch Harm pairs; stem and branch energy analysis – the 4 essential factors that should always bear on our minds during calculating. Using Ten Gods’ name to categorize every element’s environmental condition into Group A (supportive) and Group B (destructive), and check their locations to determine their functions in BaZi. Recognize 10 Regular Gods and their meaning in the real life. Samples for Study

Module 5 – Day Master Energy Calculation in General
Day Master (DM) energy calculation in detail: the definition of “root”; why the ” V” spots and the day branch are more important than the others? What is the “Tian Gen” spot works like a CEO? The definition of the “True Gods”? What does a “Ge” (pattern) mean? What are the steps to identify the patterns? Real life cases for demonstration. Case Study

Module 6 – How to Determine an Element’s Real Energy Level? 
Calculate the energy level based on: 1) the weakening or supportive factors by other elements; 2) the relationships and positionsThe energy level of Ten Gods; the energy flow within a pillar and between pillars; different energy adjustments after clashes and combinations; valid combinations that make big energy unions versus the invalid ones that cause existing energies to be locked in or disappeared. Sample Cases with in-depth analysis on a famous American inventor/entrepreneur, etc.

Module 7 – Five Different Ranges of Day Master Energy
Learn secrets to determine a Day Master’s strength; 12 Energy Stages for DM and other stems; basic five levels of DM strength: 1) extremely weak, 2) slightly weak ~ very weak, 3) keep balanced, 4) slightly strong ~ very strong, and 5) extremely strong; understand charts that can keep the balance, and charts that simply can’t. Case Study

Module 8 – The Natural Characters of Metal and Water 
What are the natural features of Stem Geng, Xin, Ren and Kui have in general? What are the perfect and worst pictures for Geng, Xin, Ren and Kui? Case Study

Module 9 – The Natural Characters of Wood and Fire
What are the natural demands of Stem Jia, Yi, Bing and Ding have throughout the year? What are the best and worst conditions that could happen to Jia, Yi, Bing Ding? Case Study

Module 10 – Earth’s Natural Characters 
What are the natural requirements of Stem Wu and Ji have in different seasons? What are the best and worst scenarios that may occur for Wu and Ji DM? Case Study The special features of the 10 stems from “Di Tian Sui” (BaZi Secrets from Heaven)

Module 11 – Eight Regular Patterns (Part One)
Direct and Indirect Officer Pattern, Direct and Indirect Resource Pattern: qualified or not? Their functions in BaZi, and their meaning in real life. Why solid Officer Pattern doesn’t necessarily indicate leadership positions? Many Case for Study

Module 12 – Eight Regular Patterns (Part Two)
Direct and Indirect Wealth Pattern, Eating God and Hurting Officer Pattern: qualified or not? Their functions in BaZi, and their meaning in real life. Why people with strong Wealth element in BaZi still lose money? Many Real Life Cases

Module 13 – The Useful Gods – the “Fountain” of Life
The definition of Useful Gods; how do they affect one’s life? where can you find them?  Why their status can reveal one’s lifetime achievements? What’s the skill to identify 8 regular patterns’ Useful Gods? What is a Helpful God? What are the Enemies to UG and HG? Case Study

Module 14 – Three Special Patterns and Their Requirements
Recognize Ren Pattern, Lu Pattern and Transformation Pattern: their definitions and meaning; catch the Useful Gods related to the people who have those patterns, and ways to identify the Enemies for them. Case Study

Module 15 – More Special Patterns to Study: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth Dominance
This module discusses how dominance patterns are formed, their Useful Gods and Enemies; what happens if the elements in a luck cycle go in the opposite direction? A special skill is needed in reading those charts. Case Study

Module 16 – More Special Patterns: Follow The Trend (FTT)
This module talks about how the absolute and conditional FTT are formed, their Useful Gods and Enemies; what happens if a follower-element suddenly gets big? A different skill is required in reading those charts. Case Study

Module 17 – Three Keys to Catch the Useful Gods: Useful Gods can be caught accurately when you get familiar with a) how to analyze the DM strength correctly; b) how to determine a chart that has two almost equal but opposite elements; and c) according to the unique features of a DM, how to fit it with the season’s requirements? Also, watch out changes to the special patterns during luck cycle changes together with the years’. Case Study

Module 18 – The Useful Gods Fine-tuned 
This module further discusses the “magic” function of “Xiang Shen” – Helpful God (HG). Without it, a pattern may not exist.  An opposite group member sometimes can be a Helpful God based on its special function. The energy impacts in the neighborhood is the key. How to find, as well as to monitor a suspicious UG? Detect the Helpful God, which sometimes simply replace the function of an Useful God, is the essence of BaZi reading. Case Study

Module 19 – The Luck Cycles: the Dynamic Picture of Life
How to plot luck cycles and how to evaluate luck cycles? Why there is a saying: “It’s more important to have a good luck cycle than to have a good chart”?  How to identify good, neutral and bad luck cycles? How to detect the YY/DD “extremes” that may lead to serious health issues. Case Study

Module 20– Luck Pillar (LP) Fine-Tuned
Why there is a huge difference between a “fire horse” and a “water horse“ LP? How do we read luck pillars that contain multiple but conflicting energies? How can the four pillars in BaZi tell us age-related information? How to read the luck pillars more accurately? Case Study

Module 21 – Year Reading (Part One)
Correct ways to analyze energy interactions among the Annual Year and the Luck Cycle. Watch out the “red lights” that mean dangers. Such as: if the Annual Year stem supports the enemy in BaZi, where can you find the remedies? What if an Annual Year branch damages a branch root in BaZi that belongs to the DM or an UG? And what happens if a Harmony Pair between the Annual Year and BaZi that hurts or takes away an UG in BaZi? Case Study

Module 22 – Year Reading (Part Two)
This module includes the principles in the Annual Year reading of family relationships, work/job status, income condition, big events on the way, and health status, etc. What are the “double-effects” signs while having a zoomed-out picture by adding in the Luck Cycles with the Annual Years? Case Study

Module 23 – Personality Reading and Beyond
This one tells us how to peep into one’s personality, strength, special talent, and potential weakness. It helps a lot in knowing yourself, your children, lovers, spouse, co-workers, employees, or friends.  Plus, personal Feng Shui nourishment – develop one’s gifted talent in the right direction, an everyday practice that can improve one’s life from within!  Case Study

Module 24 – Reading on Parents and Siblings
This module talks about how to read one’s relationships with parents and siblings; and how to know the indications of good or bad situations during a specific time; this information can also be relevant to the other people, such as step-mother or sponsors, friends or patterns in business. Case Study

Module 25 – Reading on Love and Marriage
This module analyzes one’s love life, dating opportunities, and marriages in general; it helps to find out the clues on an ex-marital status, triangle love, or other sex-related issues. Introduce simple yet effective ways to do match-making for people. Case Study

Module 26 – Reading on Fame, Social Positions
This module analyzes one’s potential success in career, social position and fame; points out good or bad lucks related to different energy changes happen in Annual Years together with the Luck Pillars; plus, what are the key aspects to watch out when making big decisions. Case Study

Module 27 – Reading on Children
This module talks about how to catch a good timing of a successful pregnancy in women; what are the key factors to determine a child’s health? And how to detect the relationships between a child and parents? Case Study

Module 28 – Reading on Wealth, Business Opportunities and Investments
This module explains one’s potential income sources, points out financial ups and downs along the life path, and timing factors relating to any investments and, potential winning during a specific period of time if any. Case Study

Module 29 – Reading on Health Condition; Secret Codes that Can Detect Potential Health Issues and Accidents during One’s Life
This module reveals one’s natal health status, vulnerable organs and systems in the body; also reveals the secrets that indicate potential diseases (or accidents) during one’s life; correct ways to prepare and/or to combat bad lucks and/or bad years are also recommended. Case Study

Module 30 – Special Codes that Can Indicate Life Threatening Dangers and Tough Conditions
This module expends to the reading on life-threatening dangers and crisis, which includes tough diseases, such as cancers, etc; and the tough financial conditions. The secrets “codes” used by the practitioners are listed and explained in details. When these “codes” appear in one’s chart, practical suggestions as how to minimize the bad hits are also given. The use of Energy Stage calculation is emphasized; finally a general review for the course is also included. Case Study