Professional Course

Professional Course


BaZi Professional Course – TABLE OF CONTENTS

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Module 31 – Ten Stems’ Di Calculation Expanded
The calculation and meaning of 12 energy stages of 10 stems; the difference between Yang stems and Yin stems, the definition of Di; UGs, “Xian Shen” (standby element) and Enemies. What’s the use of “Xian Shen”? Fine-tuned explanations on qualified and unqualified “roots”, and the main difference between the Yang stems and the Yin stems. Case Study on the charts of 2 top-ranked famous people

Module 32 – DM Strength – Ling, Shi and Di
A comprehensive study of the strength of a DM: season factors, supportive and destructive groups in comparison; and the “chained” roots that can be formed by different ways. The key difference between the top and the bottom energy during reading; why 90%+ chances the True Gods can prevail, not the other ones?  Case Study – a genius, the business guru who died young, etc.

Module 33 – Void Branches (also called Empty Branches)
What do we find “void” branches? And how do we calculate energies that is associated with a “void” branch? What is the differences between the True and the Fake “void” branches? And much more … Case Study

Module 34 – The Energy Flow and DM Strength
This module discusses, in a detailed way, one of the most important energy impacts – Energy Flow. Where does it start and where does it end? What blocks an energy flow and what facilitates it? And the priority of energy flow versus other factors in calculations. DM strength fine-tuned. Case Study – a movie star, etc.

Module 35 – The Balance that Can’t Be Neglected
Yin-Yang Balance (YY) and Dry and Damp (DD) balance expanded: how could it be the life-death issue for many people? The correlation of YY/DD to one’s health, personality, and spiritual power. How do we calculate it in both the regular and special patterns? Case Study

Module 36 – More on “Follow The Trend (FTT)” Pattern
In addition to the knowledge in the Foundation Course, this module tells us how to distinguish absolute FTT and conditional FTT cases. That are complicated in some charts, therefore more attentions need to be paid when catching the UGs for those charts; many real life cases are demonstrated to differentiate the regular ones with the FTT ones. What kind of conditional FTT charts would likely to have a weird “pattern shift”?

Module 37 The Successful Patterns (Advanced Level – 1)
The secret codes that separate the successful with the unsuccessful regular pattern charts (UG and HG concept continued). What would happen to the people who have good patterns but don’t have supportive LPs or Years? What does “Tou Qing” mean? How does a LP or a AP (Year) affect one’s life? Case Study

Module 38The Successful Patterns (Advanced Level – 2)
More shortcuts to separate the successful with the unsuccessful regular patterns. How to detect the secrets in charts that only have a short shining period, while the others can enjoy a long-term fame and quality lives? What is the dream condition everyone wants to have when combining BaZi with LP/AP reading – detect the “safety” features of a chart, etc.  Case Study

Module 39 – 3 Blessing Stars – Tian Yi Gui Ren (TYGR), Tian De Gui Ren (TDGR), and Yue De Gui Ren (YDGR)
How do we find TYGR, TDGR and YDGR in BaZi? What are the meanings of their functions in BaZi? What do their positions imply? And what these three Benevolent Gods have to do in our real life, etc. Case Study

Module 40 – Intelligence (Wen Cang), Diligence (Hua Gai) and Cherry Blossom (Tao Hua)
How do we find another Benevolent God – Weng Cang in a chart? The function of Weng Cang in life, and why people called it Intelligence Star? Is there another star that indicates the bearer’s learning capability? Yes, that’s Hua Gai.  Why does Tao Hua make some people famous, and the others fell in love quickly? Case Study – Elizabeth Taylor, Yuan Yuan, etc.

Module 41 – Heaven Forgiveness (Tian Se) and Heaven Horse (Yi Ma)
How do we find Tian Se and Yi Ma in BaZi? The real meanings of these two benevolent Gods in real life. Why some become filthy rich or reach high-level success with Yi Ma, but the others become poor or sick? Why it is so different when we read Yi Ma in BaZi versus it appears in LPs? Case Study

Module 42 – Jin Shen Gui (God of Metal), 3 Rare Gods and 3 Rare Stems
How do we find Jin Shen Gui (God of Metal), 3 Rare Gods and 3 Rare Stems in BaZi? The difference between true and fake Jin Shen Gui and the real meanings of Jin Shen Gui in reading. Under what conditions can 3 Rare Gods make all kinds of successful lives? Why 3 Rare Stems can’t be reliable in predicting good fortunes? Case Study

Module 43 – The Invisible Gods
What is an IG? 3 ways to figure out the IGs. What are the qualified and disqualified IGs? Can two qualified pillars make an IG with space in between? Can LP or visiting Year make IGs with the pillars in BaZi? Why the magic function that an IG carry can supersede the function that a regular God has? Case Study

Module 44 – True and Fake Energy Transformation
Energy Calculations for Pairs, Trios or Semi-Trios, including bindings that have no energy transformation. Discover open and hidden pairs and trios that exist between neighboring stems and branches. Case Study

Module 45 – Energy Flow Fine-Tuned (1)
The significance of each stem and branch to the Day Master, including their value of significance. What is personal Feng Shui, or called positive Qi? How do people help each other in terms of implementing the Useful Gods’ energies? Case Study

Module 46 – Energy Flow Fine-Tuned (2)
What are the differences between energies that flow in the stems and those in the branches? Under what conditions does an element lose its enhancing or controlling power? What is a hidden energy flow, and the new flows that can be created by adding in LPs and visiting years? Case Study

Module 47 – Three Major Functions of Useful Gods and Beyond
DM Energy Balance, Yin-Yang/Dampness-Dryness Balance, and Mitigation; Adverse effects of Officers and Recourses under special conditions; how to distinguish purified, healthy UGs with mixed and incapable Useful Gods. Case Study

Module 48 – Relationships Reading Expanded
Find the right ways to read parents, siblings, children, spouse, in-laws, sugar dad or mom, step-daddy or mother. Why checking the Useful Gods, Helpful God, Enemy, Enemy Supporter and Stand-by Elements can help us to find out more information on those people? Case Study

Module 49 – Wealth Reading Expanded Types of money luck one can have; how to find a career that fits a BaZi pattern? How to calculate out winning chances for a business? How do we know an investment during a specific LP and year will benefit or lose? Case Study

Module 50 – Pregnancy Month (Tai Yuan) and Nai Yin
Hidden energies that can not be neglected – Pregnancy Month and Nai Yin. The way to plot them manually. The real usage of Pregnancy Month in reading with case demonstrations; how do we form a Na Yin chart? And how do we read Na Yin charts in a quick, yet effective way? Case Study

Module 51 – Soul Chamber and Special Energy Calculations
Soul Chamber, also called Life Chamber or Ming Gong; how does Soul Chamber increase good lucks for a person; and how to inspect home Feng Shui using Soul Chamber. Identify Energies that Looks Strong, but Weak, or Vice Versa; and the adverse effects of Officers and Resources under special conditions; many examples for demonstration

Module 52 – Which One Is More Important: DM, Useful God, Pattern, YY/DD or Medicine God?
Discover the secrets for expert level reading: why do special patterns usually associate with super and excellent lives? What are the average peoples’ charts look like? Within normal pattern charts, what are the best features everyone is seeking for? Is MG equals to UG? Case Study

Module 53 – The Wisdom in the Classics (1) – Jia and Yi: “BaZi A to Z” (Qiong Tong Bao Jian)
Qiong Tong Bao Jian is another BaZi book recommended as the top 3 classics to read by all the masters. It covers every aspect a DM needs during a specific month. It serves as a double-check blueprint for the Useful Gods a BaZi should have. This module covers DM-Jia and DM-Yi. Case Study

Module 54 – The Wisdom in the Classics (2) – Bing and Ding: “BaZi A to Z” (Qiong Tong Bao Jian)
Qiong Tong Bao Jian continues, it covers every aspect Bing-DM and DM-Ding need during each month throughout the year. It serves as a double-check blueprint for the Useful Gods a BaZi should have. Case Study

Module 55 – The Wisdom in the Classics (3) – Wu and Ji: “BaZi A to Z” (Qiong Tong Bao Jian)
The interpretations of Qiong Tong Bao Jian continues – this module covers the best status DM-Wu and DM-Ji can have during each of the 12 months. Case Study

Module 56 – The Wisdom in the Classics (4) – Geng and Xin: “BaZi A to Z” (Qiong Tong Bao Jian)
Qiong Tong Bao Jian – deep level interpretations with real life cases – the best status of the DM-Geng and DM-Xin should have in each of 12 months throughout an entire year. Case Study

Module 57 – The Wisdom in the Classics (5) – Ren and Gui: “BaZi A to Z” (Qiong Tong Bao Jian)
Qiong Tong Bao Jian – deep level interpretations with real life cases – the best status of the DM-Ren and DM-Gui should have in each of 12 months throughout an entire year. Case Study


Module 58 – The Wisdom in the Classics – (6): “Di Tian Sui”
Di Tian Sui is the bible of BaZi, but it is very hard to understand, that’s why there is still no English version available. This module interprets Part 1 ~ Part 8, focusing on the features of each Stem and Branch, the difference of Yin and Yang, the impacts of each clash, punishment, and combination, etc., giving us principles to identify good BaZi from the poor, and the warning of the bad situations that lead to big dangers or failures. It’s a must for anyone who wants to reach a higher level in practice. Case Study

Module 59 – The Wisdom in the Classics – (7): “Di Tian Sui”
Di Tian Sui Part 9 ~ 20 are interpreted more in details, such as: Xing and Xiang, Fang and Ju, 8 Regular Ge, Ti and Yong, Ti Gang (month branch) fine-tuned, Source and Flow, Mitigation, Qing Qi (pure) and Zhu Qi (mixed), and many more. They give us the reading principles of a higher level. Case Study

Module 60 – The Wisdom in the Classics – (8): “Di Tian Sui”
Di Tian Sui Part 21 ~ 30 that covers the ways to solve the puzzles of: DO and 7K,  Hunting Officer cases, Qing Chi and Zhuo Chi in a chart; True and Fake Gods, Follow or Against, Hotness and Coldness, Dryness or Dampness, and more. It’s a must for anyone who wants to become an expert in the BaZi field.
Case Study

Module 61 – The Wisdom in the Classics – (9): “Di Tian Sui”
Di Tian Sui Part 31 ~ 39 covers: Alliance or Isolation, the reading on Spouse, Children, Parents, and Siblings, also on Wealth, Power and Longevity, etc. It’s a must for anyone who wants to become an expert and to get more knowledge in depth. Case Study

Module 62 – The Wisdom in the Classics – (10): “Di Tian Sui”

This is the module covers the rest of the important Di Tian Shui originals and interpretations. Such as: Woman and Child, Uplifting Spirit and Low Spirit, Thankful or Hateful; Neutral Element, Fake FTT and Fake Transformation; and distinguish the “King” and “Subordinates”, “Mother and Children” concepts in BaZi; plus additional keys on Health Reading, etc. Case Study


Module 63 – Seldom-Told Secrets by Masters (1)
Quick and effective calculations; special conditions that block the enhancement: too weak to enhance, too weak to get nourished, or too weak to transform. What means too strong to have clashed? What causes earth that does not generate metal, and wood that doesn’t enhance fire, or water that doesn’t feed wood? Yin-Yang calculation reinforced; indications of stem or branch binding that have no energy transfer and the ones that actually have in BaZi or during LPs/Annual Years. Case Study

Module 64 – Seldom-Told Secrets by Masters (2)
Follow Trend Pattern fine-tuned; the major difference between Yang stems and Yin stems; what is Pattern Shift? the difference between FTT and Dominance pattern? Why some conditional FTT or conditional Transformation Pattern present instabilities in life? Modern Life Cases (one from Zi Ping Zhen Quan) for demonstration

Module 65 – Seldom-Told Secrets by Masters (3)
Natal and Acquired Energies The principles of reading Luck Cycles (LP) and visiting Years; The Luck Cycle Reading and the Year Reading has to be combined, but with different focuses. Why some people say: “Good lucks are more important than a good BaZi”? How do we tell the difference of the UGs that appear in the stems versus in the branches? Case Study

Module 66 – Reading on Love, Marriage, and Career
This module is to focus on love, marriage, and career choices, with the emphasis on the intimate relationships. The functions of the “spouse chamber” and the spouse element; the secrets to qualify a good relationship, no matter it is conventional or unconventional. Case Study

Module 67 – Reading on Children Expanded
Personality features of the 10 Gods; how to plot and analyze the Pre-luck Pillars; reading on Children Health; how to predict children’s career future and to give recommendations on education? Case Study

Module 68 – The Invisible Gods (IGs) Go Wild
The difference between Existing Gods and Invisible Gods; 4 more ways to find out the IGs – beyond your imaginations! The qualifications and the expiration of an IG. 4 Real Life Cases for demonstration

Module 69 – Energy Pictures and Fast Calculation
How to visualize one’s BaZi picture for better interpretations? How to calculate DM energy, to determine a pattern, to catch the Useful Gods accurately through 8 steps of thinking? Understand some important BaZi Proverbs that can sharpen your skill. Classroom drill: In case a BaZi has no UG, can a LP fulfill the UG requirement? Case Study

Module 70 – Rare BaZi Charts That Are Difficult to Read
This module covers R-7K feature within the Day Pillar (Di Tian Sui), the IG that may or may not exist, and the hidden clashes and combinations in the branches that may alter your analysis; the evaluation of the hour pillar: and the ways to find hidden pairs and trios based on 2 main principles. How do remote pairs still make energy transformations? The sequence of thinking. Real Life Cases

Module 71 – Watch out the “Bombs” and “Alarms”
The “bombs” and “alarms” of life crisis include: clashes that can and can’t be fixed; why clashes branches with a common stem or top-bottom both clashes are more dangerous? How to identify “pool” or “grave”? Correct ways to interpret the earth branch clashes. How to remedy a clash? How to check the stages of a UG during different times, and how to readjust Yin-Yang ratio according to the luck pillars? What kind of charts have more life-threatening dangers? Case Study

Module 72 – The Wisdom in the Classics Plus: Zi Ping Zhen Quan Essence (1)  
Zi Ping Zhen Quan is the last must-read classical literature. More practical skills are explained in this module on patterns, such as: how does a weak DM handle strong Wealth and Officer? The main functional difference between the stems and the branches. What actually determines a BaZi pattern? Why some LPs, even Annual Years can cause fundamental changes to some peoples’ lives? What else is important in Yin-Yang calculation? Real Life Cases

Module 73 – The Wisdom in the Classics Plus: Zi Ping Zhen Quan Essence (2)
How to analyze an Annual Year correctly? Why can a remote clash bring good lucks to some people? And why a stem pair between a year and DM can cause troubles? To the final analysis: which is the key factor that determines the validity of a transformed element in a stem or a branch combination (including pairs, semi-trios and trios)?  Why does YY/DD balance also affects one’s career, in addition to the health?  How do we correctly interpret YY/DD balance when the key branches or stems are being clashed or in combinations? Real Life Cases


Module 74 – How To Solve the Controversial:

Tough real life cases with controversial judgments lead us to the expert thinking. Get confused? That’s normal. Just make sure to check 5 major aspects that related to pattern, DM, UG, Enemy, and energy changes from the BaZi dynamics!  Pay special attention to the earth branches, and distinguish their functions towards an element, according to the “pool” and “grave” concept; both stems and branches can be retained or implemented. And finally, learn how to find clues from the past for real tough cases. Case Study

Module 75 – My BaZi Proverbs (The Best of the Course)                                BaZi proverbs I’ve organized with interpretations from my 50 years’ practice are revealed in this module, representing the best of this course! They are the answers to the most difficult questions by BaZi learners around the world.  Because most of them never been explained, or released, these secrets are now given to my students in an easy understanding way, accompanied with sample cases. They will improve the reading skill quickly. And practice on them will increase your reputation.


Module 76 – A Special Reading Skill on Woman

This module is dedicated to the topic of women’s life. There are 5 types of charts to discuss. It is a proven skill with 90% accuracy rate to forecast a woman’s future. Just combine it with the knowledge you are have learned before! If one’s chart belongs to a problematic type, it doesn’t mean this woman has to experience all the bad things indicated. LPs, Ming Gong, Na Yin and IGs can change the picture, use substitute activities and spiritual cures in daily life can also offset the negativity. Case Study


Module 77 – Personal Feng Shui Tips and Methods That Can Reverse Bad Lucks and Invite Good Fortune in Life (Part -1)
The ultimate secret is revealed here: Benevolent energies can be obtained from personalized Feng Shui tips, in addition to Ba Zai and Flying Stars approaches. Convenient ways to get benevolent energies from the people one contacts, and from the lucky items, including furniture, decoration, personal items and images, etc. Case Study

Module 78 – Personal Feng Shui Tips and Methods That Can Reverse Bad Lucks and Invite Good Fortune in Life (Part -2)
More secrets are revealed in this final module: Benevolent energies can be obtained or created by oneself, which includes meditation, exercises, spiritual nourishment, teas, herbs and foods that fit one’s BaZi Luck Cycles, Years, and body type. A deep level of natural healing for preventive purpose is introduced. They are practical and effective, it is a plus for BaZi students in general. Case Study

Module 79 — A General Review of  Everything Important                             As most students have encountered these difficulties, now we have the answers: how to prepare a reading with the correct sequence of putting all the info together; how to calculate the energy that is bound, or hidden in “Grave”; how to interpret the energy that is shown in the stems versus that is in the branches; and how to find the real lucky people who can survive catastrophes, etc.