We also provide Destiny Readings ($150/each). Kindly tell us your gender, date of birth (universal calendar), birth time (indicate Day Light Saving, if any) and birth place. For Feng Shui Evaluations and Treatments: we need the home address, the photos of the house, the floor plan with the front orientation, and the DOB, including birth time, of everyone who lives there.  Send the info to dryan8889@yahoo.com. You will get a quote within 12 hours, according to the size of the home and the number of people who live there.

“Dr. Paul Yan’s Bazi Course is a fantastic program and much more than I expected. His program prepares the experienced as well as the novice reader to improve the accuracy of Bazi reading and understanding.

In this well-organized course, the depth of Dr. Yan’s knowledge unfolds during one-on-one sessions that enable the student to ask questions and clarify points. He is personable and his obvious passion for Bazi is infectious. In addition, between sessions he freely corresponds through email to answer questions. If you have an inquisitive mind and truly want to understand Bazi, look no further. Dr. Paul Yan is a teacher and mentor who, like a key, unlocks the mysteries of Bazi.”

– Erika Schneider, Texas, USA


“Master Yan is a wise and calm teacher who makes you feel secure. He answers your questions with clear understandable words. And most important, you can find him when you need help.

I’ve studied BaZi and Feng Shui with other teachers and see a lot of difference. If you want to reach a higher level, and get the deeper reading skill, you should attend Dr. Yan’s courses.

Especially for readings on health, I have learned how to read from another angle and my mind gets clear as how to help people treat themselves.  Thank you, Dr. Yan!  Congratulations to the new students – you have a great master teacher. “

– Elena Kafantaridou, Thessaloniki, Greece

“Dr. Yan will take you gently by the hand to the rich and complex terrain of BaZi, imparting original classic and modern methods of Reading, showcasing poignant examples and making the constraints and contexts of BaZi very clear.

He is patient, thorough, approachable, and easy to communicate with. Dr. Yan makes BaZi come to life with historical contexts, anecdotal stories, and poetic metaphor. Stems and Branches leap from the charts with rhythm and tempo, and the pace that’s all digestible. With the skill of a master teacher, Dr. Yan understands my ability and limits, never loading me up with more than I can handle. He is a well of wisdom and information.”

“Dr. Yan is also very professional: he has not once been late or canceled a class, the course material has always been sent in a timely manner, and he has always been readily available to answer questions. I feel so fortunate to study with him and I highly recommend his courses!”

– Eileen Kennedy, CA. USA



“Thank you so much, Dr.Yan! 

Studying BaZi has given me an invaluable tool to know my clients better. I am able to use this information to make their spaces more supportive to them and also to advise them on making life choices that would be most advantageous for them. “

– Elizabeth Grace, New York, USA

“You are a Master Teacher, and I am recommending you to my friends and associates.

Thank you for creating your exceptional course on BaZi. The well-written modules combined with your one-hour private lessons each week have provided me with an excellent education in Chinese Astrology.

I appreciate the opportunity to have your expert help with my clients’ charts and for answering any questions between sessions. You are a Master Teacher, and I am recommending you to my friends and associates. Thank you!”

– Tommi Cox-Phipps, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

“Paul Yan is a true master!

“His wisdom and knowledge of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology is an unbeatable combination. This is the way to get the whole picture.”

– Athena Shana Lory,  VA. USA (Western Astrologer)


“I was amazed….”

“Master Yan performed a personal reading for me over the phone without any knowledge of my past.  I was amazed that the accuracy rate of his reading was over 90%!”

– Darlene Newton,  VA. USA